SoundGear Custom Fit In Ear Electronic Hearing Protection - Platinum

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SoundGear Custom Fit Platinum devices have 4 distinct memory modes to toggle through. The first memory (Normal) delivers amplification equally across all frequencies. The second (High-Frequency Boost) boosts higher frequency sounds like the whistling wings of ducks overhead, leaves rustling, sticks breaking, etc. This will help people who have an existing high-frequency hearing loss hear better. The third Memory (Telecoil) helps you effectively communicate on a telephone and the fourth memory (Mute) is used to mute or turn off your device. Each pair of SoundGear custom devices also comes standard with a removable lanyard system.

SoundGear Custom Fit specs:

  • Suppresses noise at 95dB
  • 30dB of Amplification
  • 24-26dB NRR
  • 1-millisecond attack and release time
  • Hear Clear Wax Protection System
  • SurfaceNanoshield moisture and wax repellent 
  • #13 Zinc Air battery
  • 1-year Worry-Free repair warranty

Platinum technology level:

  • Volume control
  • Memory button
  • 4 digital listening modes (Normal, High-Frequency Boost, Telecoil, Mute)
  • Removable Lanyard System 
  • MSRP: $1,199.00 per pair

How to purchase Custom Fit Platinum:


Once you place your order you will be required to send in a set of molded ear impressions (or molded ear plugs).  You will not get these back.  The average processing time is 5-7 days once your plugs are received.  You will receive your new SoundGear hearing protection in average of 10 days from the date we receive your molds.